How to use a Kickboard

Confused about all the training aids on the market? Speedo advisory coach and Swimfortri director Dan Bullock explains what they are and how to use them…

Effectiveness rating: ★★★

Speedo Elite Kickboard

Why: For developing correct leg mechanics
Level: Beginner to advanced

Forget about speed – for beginners, the important thing is to ensure you are at least going forwards. A kickboard makes sure you’ve got your footwork right. You should aim to drive the motion from your hips rather than your knees, and point your toes at the back wall of the pool rather than the bottom. Keep the head down when kicking; it leads to better streamline and an easier, more comfortable position for the neck. Lift the head to breathe when needed.


During your swim-down or relaxation time, kick gently with a large kickboard balanced under the body, while sculling with the hands. Pulling with a kickboard between the legs is a nice drill as well. It gives you something to reach for and extend the back of the stroke towards, but avoid swinging the arms around to meet the float. Use the natural rotation of the body to lengthen the push back and tap the float.

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