How to use Training Fins

Confused about all the training aids on the market? Speedo advisory coach and Swimfortri director Dan Bullock explains what they are and how to use them…

BioFUSE Training Fins

Effectiveness rating: ★★★★★

Why: For increasing propulsion and ankle mobility
Level: Beginner to advanced

Fins will help when practicing drills because they allow you to stay relaxed as you move more slowly through the water. They will also help you develop better flexibility in your ankles. Be careful though – it is important to kick from the hips at all times. Make sure you also avoid friction and blisters by putting Vaseline on the feet and around the toes.


Fins are essential for technique work as they help to make that initial breakthrough when practicing body position drills. You can also use them with paddles for swimming at speed without the effort, which can help you ingrain correct stroke pathways.

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  1. Mohammed  Oct 14 2012

    hi i wish this nice produte i can find it in Dubai, couse some of Speedo items i buy it from decathlon store.

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