Interview with Leisel Jones (AUS)

Leisel Jones

Leisel Jones

A Q&A with Leisel Jones, who this year equalled the Commonwealth Games record for most gold medals won by a single athlete.

1. What does swimming mean to you?

Swimming to me is my job and my passion combined.

2. What motivates you?

Being a competitor motivates me. I always want to challenge myself and race against other people.

3. What did you learn about yourself in training and racing this year?

I learnt how to do things differently. I train smarter and race better.

4. When you put your Speedo goggles on ready to race and stare down the lane, what are you thinking about?

I’m thinking that I know how to do everything that my body is about to ask me to do. I train for it every day and all I have to do it let it do its thing!

5. Name your coach and tell us what he/she brings to your programme?

Rohan Taylor. He brings a new and interesting way to do things. We train very differently to what other coaches in Australia do. We focus on very specific things.

6. Name your best race – and the one you’d rather forget?

Best race – 200m breaststroke at 2005 World Championships Montreal. One to forget – 200 IM World Championships 2001. I was totally focused on my breaststroke and didn’t train much for it.

7. What three things could you improve on that would help you to a better performance in your key events?

Get fitter so my last 50m is super fast, work on flexibility and lose weight.

8. What are your passions beyond the pool?

My day spa, Vie D’amour, which opens in 2011.

9. With the holiday season around the corner, name 3-5 gifts (material or wishful) that you have on your wish list this year.

  • A backyard
  • A dog
  • A successful Day Spa business
  • A wonderful Christmas break with my family
  • Did I already ask for a dog?

    10. If you were stuck on a desert island for a year-long training camp, what five things would you take with you (aside from a person or a pet)?

    • Chocolate
    • Laptop
    • iPod
    • Collection of good books
    • Body wash (to get all the salt water off!)

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